What are the benefits of clear ceramic braces?

InVu ceramic bracesIf you have dental issues and are considering braces, you may wish that you had the option of keeping your appearance relatively the same.  Wouldn’t it be nice to straighten your teeth while concealing your orthodontic treatment?

New orthodontic innovations allow you to do just that.  There is one option that may be less familiar to you: ceramic braces.  They are clear, which means that when people look at you, they will see you and your smile, not your braces.  This factor makes them appealing for a variety of patients, including adults who would rather straighten their teeth without attracting attention to their orthodontics.

InVu is a popular option for ceramic braces.  The company offers state-of-the-art technology to match the color of the brackets to the color of the teeth.  The result is that the braces are nearly invisible.  With InVu, they’re also comfortable.  In this case, the technology is related to injection molding and the result is “a smooth, uniform surface.”  This means “they’re far less bulky and much more comfortable to wear.”

InVu’s technological advances clearly cover the entire process: from having color-matching brackets applied to the teeth to comfortable wear, as well as to removal of the brackets. “InVu braces are far less likely than other ceramic braces to chip or shatter during the course of treatment. They’re also safer when it’s time to take them off because they have an exclusive mesh base that “pops off” easily, protecting your tooth enamel. Other ceramic brackets must be broken to remove them, and remnants must be sanded off. This can cause little chips and particles to fly loose that can be swallowed.”

As with any type of braces or appliances, it is important to continue with excellent oral care.  Brushing and flossing are more important than ever.  Remember, too, that orthodontic appointments do not substitute for regular dental visits.  When you have braces, you still need to go to the dentist for routine care.

Orthodontic visits are scheduled for a reason.  Missing them can cause problems.  If you have a conflict that prevents you from keeping an appointment, do not cancel the appointment.  Postpone it, with appropriate notice except in cases of illness, and reschedule immediately.  If you have any problems between appointments, call Owl Orthodontics because we need to know about it.  In some cases, we might provide advice over the phone, but in others, we might need to see you in the office.  It is best not to guess; let us deal with the problems because we are committed to providing you the best possible care.

People often ask about the drawbacks of ceramic braces.  One thing to keep in mind is that ceramic braces can be more fragile than traditional metal braces or certain other types of braces. This is simply because ceramic, by its very nature, is more fragile than other materials. This may be a consideration for very active lifestyles.

It is best to talk with the staff at Owl Orthodontics about all of your options and the pros and cons of each one.  Together, we can determine which is the best choice for you.