Benefits of Damon Braces for a Beautiful Smile

Damon Braces Adult TreatmentDamon brackets are a type of bracket known as self-ligating (or self-binding). With conventional braces, the wires are held in place by ligatures or o-rings that secure them to the brackets (the metal pieces attached to the teeth). With self-ligating braces, part of the bracket itself holds the wire in place without the need for o-rings or steel ties. Some brackets have doors or “slides” while others have clips.

Treatment time with the Damon System is typically much faster than with conventional braces. The reason is it uses more biologically sensible forces than conventional braces. The low-friction nature of the system assures improved tooth position and improved facial harmony. Very light “shape memory” titanium wires are used that gently guide your teeth to their ideal position. Many people experience very little discomfort.

Also, fewer appointments are required during treatment. Since the wires can continue moving teeth for a few extra weeks between visits, less appointments are needed.

The Damon Braces are much smaller than they were just a few years ago, and new materials are now used that make them very discreet. For example, Damon Clear are composed of ceramic for durability and enhanced aesthetics.

Adults can be treated quickly, easily, and most importantly, to a high-quality result. Damon braces are a popular choice for adults because of their effectiveness, comfort level, accelerated treatment time and reduced number of appointments.  They are a convenient and discreet option.

We know that cost is a big question for anyone considering braces. The cost of Damon Braces (like other orthodontic treatments) really depends on the individual case. Dr. Wright would need to determine the kind of treatment you need and how long it will take. Damon Braces are usually similar to the cost of traditional braces. It’s our mission to provide you with affordable, high-quality treatment that fits your budget! Our finance coordinator can work with you to determine insurance coverage and explain all financing options.