The buddy system for orthodontics

Have you always wished for straighter, healthier teeth?  If a family member or friend is going to get braces, this may be the perfect time to think about doing the same thing.  Many people have hesitated to seek orthodontic treatment because they did not want traditional metal braces, but you have a new option: Invisalign.

Invisalign treatment consists of a series of clear plastic aligning trays that are designed to straighten your teeth gradually.  Invisalign is a wonderful option for people who want healthier, straighter teeth without the limitations they associate with traditional metal braces.

There are several advantages to undergoing treatment at the same time.

1.  You can schedule appointments together – if you are bringing your child here anyway, it is a great opportunity for you to receive orthodontic care at the same time.  If your friend is receiving treatment here, you can schedule your appointments together.  Your appointments will offer you a chance to spend some time together: you could enjoy a meal together, have a cup of coffee, or go shopping.

2.  You can share experiences – if you are both getting the same type of braces, you can compare notes, including tips you learned at our office or advice based on your own experience.  If you have different types of braces, you can talk about your progress.

3.  Your treatment will seem shorter – the old saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” is true.  Orthodontic treatment does not last very long, but if you do it with a family member or friend, the time will go by even more quickly.

4.  You can remind each other of the benefits of orthodontic treatment – did you think it was all about achieving straighter-looking teeth and a nicer smile?  Those are great benefits, but the greatest benefits are even more important: When teeth are straighter, they are also healthier.  They fit together better and they enable your entire mouth to function better.  When treatment is done, your mouth will be healthier and your smile will be more beautiful!

5.  It will be so much fun to cross the finish line together – you will have a great sense of accomplishment, and your treatment buddy will, too.

It is a myth that orthodontic care is only for children and teenagers.  We count many adults among those who seek treatment at Owl Orthodontics.  If you are considering orthodontic care, we would be happy to talk about the options available to you.  Keep in mind that with today’s technology, those options go far beyond traditional metal braces.  If Invisalign caught your attention, let us explain more about it.  Imagine being able to straighten your teeth without the limitations that you have always associated with traditional metal braces.  Now, you do not have to just imagine: you can experience it.

Are your teeth as straight and healthy as they could be?  If not, give us a call or contact us to begin exploring how Owl Orthodontics can help you achieve a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.