Cool ways to personalize your braces

If you are getting braces, you may have the feeling that you will be stuck with the same braces everyone else has.  You are your own person, so shouldn’t your braces reflect that?  Yes, they should – and there are ways to make them unique.

To begin with, it is important to note that if you prefer to keep your orthodontic status more to yourself, you can.  With today’s technology, you can choose braces that are virtually invisible.  Invisalign, InVu Braces, and ceramic braces all straighten the teeth without the traditional metal that traditionally characterizes orthodontia.  These less-visible methods of straightening the teeth are a way to personalize braces because they allow you to retain your uniqueness during the process.

Cool bracesHowever, even if you go with traditional metal braces, you can still make your unique personality shine through.  You can choose the band colors, which can be a fun and interesting way to make your braces reflect who you are.

You can try it out by visiting our website and using the Band Color Chooser.  The link is  If you have an idea about particular colors but want to get an idea of how they would look before you decide, the Band Color Chooser lets you do that.

The possibilities are endless; you can make your braces as unique as you are.  You can wear your team colors on your back and in your mouth; choose a color or colors that will inspire you before every game or match.  You’ll feel that team spirit every time you look in the mirror!  If you have great school spirit, why not put your school colors in your mouth?

Maybe you are a fashion guru who loves experimenting with colors; now you can extend your designs to your mouth.  With the Band Color Chooser, you can test them out online before you actually choose them for yourself.

You can personalize your braces in a special way at different times of year, too.  Halloween coming up?  There are a lot of options there.  You could go with traditional orange and black or choose a combination to complement that creative costume you dreamed up for a Halloween party.  You could choose fitting color combinations for other holidays, too.  Just think of the possibilities!

The Band Color Chooser has twenty-four color choices so you have many possibilities before you.  You could make your way through the list or choose randomly.  The Color Chooser has useful tools, too.  You can choose teeth individually or choose a color for the top row or the bottom row.  Finally, you also have the option of choosing two colors and alternating them on odd and even teeth.

You are your own person.  You have your own ideas and your own style.  You are unique and you should celebrate what makes you special.  That should extend to your braces, too, so take advantage of the opportunity to make them reflect who you are.  This is a fun way to allow your personality to shine through.

If you have any questions about customizing your braces, please contact one of our five convenient locations today.