Introducing TimeLapse Technology for Scan Comparisons

iTero TimeLapse Technology for Scan ComparisonsAs the leading provider of Invisalign in Western New York, Owl Orthodontics continues to embrace new technology and advancements in orthodontic treatment.

Upgrades to the iTero Element scanner software, now make it possible for us to compare patient scans over time with the new TimeLapse technology. In addition to the enhanced visualization, assessment and communication tools, patient scans can be completed in as little as one minute with the same accuracy and reliability. This allows us to quickly assess progress and share insight including Invisalign treatment.

New iTero Element software features include:

  • TimeLapse technology allows us to compare a patient’s historic 3D scans to the present-day scan. This enables our technicians to identify and measure orthodontic movement, tooth wear, and gingival recession. This can highlight areas of diagnostic interest and helps foster a proactive conversation regarding potential restorative or orthodontic solutions.
  • One minute scanning makes it possible for us to capture full mouth and bite scans in as little as one minute, which facilitates the integration of iTero tools into each patient consultation.
  • Additional features such as Multi-Bite scanning, Optimized Scan Feedback, quick shut down, color improvement, and many more.

The iTero Element enables Owl Orthodontics to provide high-quality restorative, orthodontic, and dental hygiene care which improve patient outcomes and help to increase our office efficiency.  If you have any questions about orthodontic technology or treatment options, please contact us.