Getting married? Be prepared to smile!

Invisalign wedding special
Owl Orthodontics patient, Melissa, had the perfect smile for her wedding

Your wedding day is the first day of your married life.  It’s the day when you surround yourself with family and friends to mark the beginning of your union with the person you love.  There’s so much to do to get ready for that special day.  As you check items off your list, stop in front of a mirror for a moment.  Imagine yourself standing next to your future spouse.  Smile!

Your face will be captured on countless cameras during your wedding day.  Are you happy with your smile at this moment?  If not, now is the time to do something about it.  If you’re not happy with your smile today, you won’t be happy with it on your wedding day or when you look at your pictures in years to come, either.

We have a solution.  Just as your wedding day is the beginning of your married life, Invisalign is the beginning of a lifetime of healthier teeth, and of the smile you’ve always wanted.  Invisalign, as the name implies, is a virtually invisible way to align your teeth.  That means you can achieve straight, healthy teeth without broadcasting it to the world.  People won’t know unless you tell them.

The process starts with us taking impressions of your teeth.  Those impressions are used to make a series of trays.  The first set of trays will begin straightening your teeth gradually as soon as you start wearing them.  The second set of trays will take over where the first set left off, and so on.  Soon, you will have the straight, healthy teeth and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

Invisalign is popular among adults for several reasons, including the comfort factor.  Many adults appreciate the fact that they can straighten their teeth without calling attention to that fact, especially in work situations.  Another advantage of Invisalign: you can remove the trays while you eat.  It’s important to wear them as much as possible otherwise, though, so you can stay on target in terms of treatment time.

Finally, we talked about the fact that your wedding day is the beginning of your life with your beloved just as Invisalign is the beginning of a lifetime of beautiful, healthy teeth.  That’s an important consideration.  This isn’t just about making your teeth beautiful for one day; it’s about making them healthier for the rest of your life.  When teeth are straight and positioned correctly in the mouth, they function better and it’s easier to brush and floss them.  The result: healthier teeth and a healthier you.

Invisalign is a positive step towards better oral health.  We’d like to help you take that step, so we’re offering a $500 discount on Invisalign, as well as a free consultation, to you or anyone in your wedding party.  Simply complete this form, and we’ll contact you to schedule a convenient appointment.

Your wedding day is special and we’d be happy to help you prepare your smile.  It makes us even happier to know that you’ll have a lifetime of straighter, healthier teeth as a result.  From all of us at Owl Orthodontics – congratulations and best wishes on your upcoming nuptials!