Getting married? Remember your smile!

Invisalign wedding specialIf you are getting married, Congratulations!  Your mind is likely full of plans and details as you prepare to begin your new life together.  Although you may be thinking more about your ceremony and reception, this is an excellent time to think about another topic: your teeth.

The obvious reason is that you want your teeth to look their best for your special day.  You will be smiling a lot that day, so it makes sense that you’d want your teeth to look beautiful.  In addition, your smiles will be preserved in pictures. Don’t have regrets about not correcting your teeth.  Maybe it’s a small gap, a crooked tooth, or an overbite?  Regardless of your situation, you still may have time to improve your smile.

However, there is another reason that is far more important than the appearance of your teeth.  When your teeth are healthy, you will be healthier and when they are not, your overall health may suffer, too.  If you have thought about braces, but have never taken action for some reason, this may be your best opportunity.  Why not start your new life with healthy teeth and the smile you have always wanted?

Your teeth are made to fit together a certain way so you can talk, eat, and practice good oral hygiene without any problems or issues.  When teeth do not fit together that way, the problems are not limited to cosmetic concerns.  Whether the issue is crowding, spacing, overbite, cross bite, open bite, or something else, the teeth cannot work as well as they should.

At Owl Orthodontics, we get it.  We understand that you might never have envisioned yourself with braces before your wedding.  We can help.

First of all, remember that treatment may not take as long as you might expect, so if you prefer traditional metal braces, but want to have them off before your wedding, that might be possible.  Tell us about your timeframe and together we can see if it might work.

If you prefer braces that are less visible, today’s technology offers many options.  Damon Clear Braces are a popular option.  Many people appreciate the fact that the Damon System does not involve wires or ties.  Patients report that these braces are comfortable and offer pleasing results.  Invisalign is another popular option.  With Invisalign, patients wear clear aligning trays that gradually straighten the teeth.  Many people appreciate the fact that they can remove the trays to eat, floss, and brush.  InVu is also a popular choice.  Custom made for each patient, these ceramic braces are designed to match tooth color.  They are created to be strong enough for the duration of treatment.

If you are thinking about braces, get in touch with us.  Together, we will figure out the best option for you.  Your smile will be beautiful on your wedding day and beyond.  More importantly, your teeth will be healthy on your wedding day and beyond.  Congratulations and best wishes!