Planning for vacation with braces

If you have braces or another type of orthodontic appliance, you probably have a routine for taking care of them down pat.  (If not, you should!)  It’s important to continue that routine even when you’re away from home.

Make a list of everything you use to care for your braces and keep that list with you when you’re packing and finalizing your preparations.  Here’s a sample list to help you get started.

  • Toothbrush – just because you’re on vacation doesn’t meet you neglect your teeth
  • Toothpaste – better than brushing with just water
  • Dental floss – you should always have access to dental floss, even when you’re on vacation.  Without it, you can’t adequately clean the spaces between your teeth and around brackets or other appliances.
  • Wax – you never know when a bracket may start to irritate your tongue or some other part of your mouth.  If you have wax with you, you can minimize the discomfort.
  • Case – if you have a removable appliance, bring the case with you.  Make it a habit to put it in the case immediately every time you take it out of your mouth.  This will help you keep track of it, but it’s also more sanitary than leaving it out in the open where people may touch it or spill things on it.
  • Rubber bands – rubber bands have a tendency to break at the worst possible time, like when you’re on vacation with no spare rubber bands.  Avoid that problem by putting rubber bands in your vacation kit.
  • Headgear – if you wear headgear or require any other type of apparatus, you can’t take a vacation from it, even when you’re on vacation.  If you do, it may interrupt your treatment and may necessitate an adjustment before you can wear it again.  In addition, even taking a short break from it may lengthen your overall treatment time.

Continue your routine during your vacation.  It will keep your orthodontic treatment on track and it will allow you to feel your best while you’re away from home.

What if you have a problem even when you stick to your routine?  As you know, it’s possible for problems to pop up, even when you’re following directions.  If that happens, your first step should be to call our office at (716) 832-1550.  Make sure you bring the number with you so you can contact us if necessary.  Reminder: avoid the foods on this list; they’re no safer for your braces when you’re on vacation than they are any other time.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer vacation!