Play it Safe – Wear an Orthodontic Mouthguard

Protect Your Smile

Orthodontic MouthguardWe often get questions about playing sports during orthodontic treatment.  With the use of a proper orthodontic mouthguard, any sport (including contact sports) can be played with braces. Kids should not feel limited in any way – but rather take the necessary precautions to protect their teeth.  Even with light contact sports such as baseball, a mouthguard is a good idea to protect yourself from injury.

What is an Orthodontic Mouthguard?

An orthodontic mouthguard is made from silicone and helps to cushion your lips from bumping against your teeth and braces.  They are specifically designed to protect your brackets and help soften the impact from any contact that could potentially damage them. Orthodontic mouthguards conform to the upper teeth and are generally larger than traditional mouthguards to accommodate the braces and wires. Most are made with 100% medical-grade silicone, which adapts to changes in mouth structure as teeth adjust. They are also available in strapped or strapless versions.

April is National Facial Protection Month

Play it safe – wear a mouth guard at every practice and every game. If you have any questions about playing sports with braces or which type of mouthguard would be best, please call us 716-832-1550 or send an email.