Three reasons why your orthodontic treatment is taking longer than expected

Braces careGetting your braces on is exciting, but getting them off is an accomplishment.  It’s your own independence day!  Before you begin your orthodontic treatment, Dr Wright (or your orthodontist) will estimate the time it will take to correct your particular dental issue.  This time will vary depending on a number of unique factors and conditions.  Keep in mind this is the target date based on your individual situation and treatment method.

If your target date has already passed and you are still wearing your braces, don’t panic.  During your treatment, there are generally three factors which can cause your braces to stay on longer than expected.  These include your orthodontist, you, and Mother Nature.

Dr Douglas Wright has years of professional training to help diagnose your individual condition and propose a treatment plan which is best for you.  Keep in mind there are a number of treatment options on the market – Invisalign, Damon, InVu, ceramic braces, metal braces, etc.  Each of these methods will require a different amount of time to successfully complete.  Dr Wright’s experience will not only allow him to produce the best result, it will also help him select an approach that gets you there in a reasonable amount of time.  During treatment, there are instances that require changes to the original plan and schedule.  Only your orthodontist can assess your progress and make recommendations as to the best path to continue.  These decisions can sometimes extend the time necessary to complete your treatment.

As the patient, you also have control over your treatment time.  You might be wondering how?  Orthodontic treatment cannot be successful without your cooperation.  The most common issue for extending your time wearing braces is missing or spreading out appointments.  Even arriving late to your appointment(s) will make it impossible for the technicians to complete the necessary work that needs to be performed.  If you break or bend your wires and neglect to repair them promptly, this will often extend your treatment time.  If you are not diligent in getting the appropriate procedures (surgeries, extractions, restoratives, etc) done in a timely manner, these can adversely affect your treatment time.  Doing your part and following instructions regarding rubber bands, aligners, and oral hygiene will enable you to get the best results in the shortest timeframe.

Even if your orthodontist has implemented the best treatment method and you are fully compliant with all instructions, there are still biological responses which can alter the schedule.  Time estimates are based upon the complexity of the issue and the “normal response” of teeth to the selected orthodontic treatment.  In some cases, the teeth may move faster or slower than normal – or not at all.  These situations can only be addressed during follow-up visits as the orthodontist evaluates progress.

If you are currently wearing braces or will need them in the future, be aware of these three factors which can impact the length of time needed.   While you have control over two of the three, we can’t always predict biological responses.  If you have any questions regarding treatment or the time required, please don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Owl Orthodontics.