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Adult Braces: Are They Right for You?

Wearing braces is a rite of passage for many kids. But increasingly, adults are also getting braces to straighten their teeth, fix their bites and improve their smiles. Orthodontic options that make braces inconspicuous are a big part of this rising popularity. If you’re considering getting braces, here’s what you should know. First, you’re not […]

Avoiding braces? Five factors that may change your mind

Many people steer clear of braces for one reason or another.  Some people assume the cost will be too high; others hesitate to spend money on themselves for something they believe is purely cosmetic.  If you have resisted braces, it may be time for you to dig into this issue a little deeper.  What you […]

Getting married? Remember your smile!

If you are getting married, Congratulations!  Your mind is likely full of plans and details as you prepare to begin your new life together.  Although you may be thinking more about your ceremony and reception, this is an excellent time to think about another topic: your teeth. The obvious reason is that you want your […]

Considering braces for your child in 2013?

At Owl Orthodontics, we understand that there are many issues to consider as you evaluate braces for your child. In addition to providing orthodontic care for our patients, we are parents.  Like you, we strive to do the best we can for our children.  Although each situation is unique, there are some common questions on […]

Do clear braces really work?

Have you ever rejected something new because you figure it can’t possibly work as well as the original?  We’ve all done that at one time or another.  Sometimes, we don’t trust the new technology; in other cases, we just feel a strong attachment to the original. Despite our bias against the new version, it may […]

Three reasons why your orthodontic treatment is taking longer than expected

Getting your braces on is exciting, but getting them off is an accomplishment.  It’s your own independence day!  Before you begin your orthodontic treatment, Dr Wright (or your orthodontist) will estimate the time it will take to correct your particular dental issue.  This time will vary depending on a number of unique factors and conditions.  […]

How is technology improving orthodontics?

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate in many aspects of daily life – including your visit to the orthodontist’s office.  Owl Orthodontics is embracing technology to provide you with the most comfortable and effective dental care. If you need to schedule an appointment, you can do that online at www.owlortho.com. On our website you […]

Planning for the cost of braces

What is the greatest benefit of braces?  Straighter teeth?  An improved smile?  Although these are among the benefits of braces, the greatest benefit is a healthier mouth.  When teeth are straight, they work better.  This is not surprising, really.  Imagine a mouth with one or more of the following issues: crooked teeth, crowding, overbite, crossbite, […]

What are the benefits of clear ceramic braces?

If you have dental issues and are considering braces, you may wish that you had the option of keeping your appearance relatively the same.  Wouldn’t it be nice to straighten your teeth while concealing your orthodontic treatment? New orthodontic innovations allow you to do just that.  There is one option that may be less familiar […]

Cool ways to personalize your braces

If you are getting braces, you may have the feeling that you will be stuck with the same braces everyone else has.  You are your own person, so shouldn’t your braces reflect that?  Yes, they should – and there are ways to make them unique. To begin with, it is important to note that if […]