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What causes jaw pain?

Living with jaw pain can be a frustrating experience. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, also commonly known as TMJ or TMD, is a joint disorder that affects the opening and closing of the jaw, and can have many side effects that relate to the teeth, head and neck. Like other joints, the relationship between the bone and […]

Considering braces for your child in 2013?

At Owl Orthodontics, we understand that there are many issues to consider as you evaluate braces for your child. In addition to providing orthodontic care for our patients, we are parents.  Like you, we strive to do the best we can for our children.  Although each situation is unique, there are some common questions on […]

Five signs you need to visit the orthodontist

The main goal of braces and other orthodontic treatment is to make the teeth and jaws as healthy as possible so they can function optimally for the patient’s lifetime. How can you tell if your teeth and jaws are healthy and functioning properly?  Here are five signs that you need to visit the orthodontist. 1. […]