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The New Age of Orthodontics

Over the past 25 years, braces have changed a lot. If you think about it, it really has changed in two aspects: The first aspect is that braces used to be considered a luxury and as a luxury only very few patients had an opportunity to have braces. Today, braces are part of an important […]

Tips to care for your braces

Scenario: You’re leaving the orthodontist’s office.  Congratulations!  Today is your first day with braces.  Now what?  How do you care for them – and yourself? The first thing to remember is that Owl Orthodontics provides the information you need to be safe and comfortable.  If you follow these directions, you will reduce the likelihood of […]

Back to School with Owl Orthodontics

The days of middle school and high school “metal mouth” are all but gone, thanks to a host of new, more aesthetic and fashion-conscious options for straightening your teeth. In the “old days,” teens that needed orthodontic work were faced with only one option – metal mouth. But thanks to innovations in technology and the […]

5 common issues for teeth alignment

Some people seem to have charmed smiles; they have straight, perfectly white teeth with nary a cavity.  The reality, though, is that proper care is always essential to keep teeth healthy and beautiful.  This is true even for those who seem to have been born with perfect teeth. When people look in the mirror and […]

Innovative technology provides a range of options in braces

Braces may seem like a relatively modern invention, but people have been attempting to straighten their teeth for several thousand years. Shortly after the invention of the mirror, ancient Greeks began using crude tools in a determined effort to improve their smiles. Fortunately, technology has evolved considerably in that time.  Today, when people need braces, […]