Your teeth are as unique as you are

OrthodonticsYou are your own person.  You have a personality, hobbies, likes and dislikes, dreams, favorite foods, and so on.  Your teeth are unique, as well; as a result, any orthodontic issues are also unique.  Orthodontic issues generally fall into broad categories, such as overbite, crossbite, openbite, crowding, and so on; however, because no two mouths are exactly the same, no two orthodontic cases are exactly the same, either.

That is partly why it is so important for you to see an orthodontist who will be able to address your unique situation with professional efficiency and effectiveness.  Owl Orthodontics has provided orthodontic care to a very large number of patients; however, from the moment you walk through the door for your first appointment, you are a unique person with unique orthodontic needs.  You are never just a case; you are a person who deserves OO’s very best at every appointment.

That is part of the reason that Owl Orthodontics, in keeping with the recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontists, urges parents to ensure that children have an initial orthodontic examination by age 7. It is easy to assume that if parents have perfect teeth, their children will, too.  It is equally simple to believe that if older siblings did not require braces, younger children won’t need them, either.  However, the reality is that, although some orthodontic issues are visible, others are more difficult to detect.  It is best to make a determination about each child’s orthodontic needs by scheduling an orthodontic examination.

The reason is simple: these early teeth are the placeholders for permanent teeth.  This means that if a problem is present with these teeth, it will not self-correct as the adult teeth come in.  In some cases, the problem can even get worse with the arrival of the permanent teeth.

During any initial visit, whether it is for an adult or a child, the staff at Owl Orthodontics can examine the teeth to determine if any problems are present.  If an exam indicates the presence of an orthodontic issue, the staff at Owl Orthodontics will make a recommendation regarding the best type of treatment.  If braces are necessary, traditional braces are one option, but new technology in orthodontics has resulted in several new options.  Other options include ceramic braces, Damon Brackets, Invisalign, and InVu.

Again, it is important to remember that every situation is different.  Even if one type of orthodontic appliance worked for someone you know, it may not be the appropriate solution for you or your child.  Questions are always welcome, so feel free to ask if you do not understand a particular issue or recommendation.

Although people may have common orthodontic problems, no two patients are exactly alike.  At Owl Orthodontics, we approach each person’s orthodontic issues with a fresh perspective.  We appreciate the fact that no two mouths are exactly the same and we tailor the treatment to the person’s specific needs.