How Long Do I Wear Damon Braces?

The Damon Braces process is typically shorter than other conventional braces. Shorter treatment times means fewer appointments and a beautiful smile…faster. You may be surprised at how fast the Damon System works for you.

    • 6 months shorter treatment time
    • Significantly fewer office visits

Damon Braces Before and After

If traded with conventional braces, this young man’s case would most likely have required the extraction of four teeth to make room for his severe crowding, and he would have been in treatment for two years or more. This would have resulted in a narrower smile, and a negative effect on his profile in later years

With the Damon System, he was treated without extraction and given an attractive natural 10-tooth smile and ideal facial support in only 14 months. Plus, the light forces used in the Damon System made this amazing transformation far more comfortable.

Average Arch Leveling and Total Treatment Times

Damon Time

Number of Treatment Appointments

Damon Less Appointments