Why should I take my child back to the orthodontist for observation visits?

If your child has recently had an initial consultation with one of our orthodontists, there may be reasons to schedule future observation visits. The purpose is to keep an eye on how your child’s teeth, face and jaws are developing. Visits may be scheduled once or twice a year.

Are these visits really necessary? Yes they are! These visits allow our orthodontists to monitor changes as your child grows.

Ortho observation visitsThe kinds of things Owl Orthodontics will be watching include whether:

  • Baby teeth are being lost on schedule
  • Permanent teeth are coming in symmetrically, in the correct sequence at the correct time
  • Upper and lower jaws are developing properly
  • Permanent teeth have enough room to come in

If treatment is necessary to intercept a developing or existing problem, there is often an ideal time for treatment to begin. These return visits help determine the best time to start treatment.Treatment doesn’t always mean a child gets braces. Treatment could consist of pulling a stubborn baby tooth at the right time, or intervention help to stop sucking habit. As an AAO orthodontists, we are experts in knowing what type of treatment is needed, and when it will be most beneficial.

Do continue to have your child seen periodically by one of our orthodontists if it has been recommended. You will be giving your child the opportunity to get the best results from their orthodontic treatment and the precious gift of a healthy, beautiful smile.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.